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We are specialized in manufacturing, transforming and distributing products for all kind of packaging with the maximum quality and protection.

Why are we trusted?


Our company is specialized in manufacturing edgeboard corners or cardboard protectors for all kind of sectors, such us, industry, food, agriculture, etc.


Our products are adapted to our customers’ needs and requirements, considering the recent changes in the markets, in order to fulfil the best solutions for their business and expectations.


Thanks to our continuous growth, we can cover both national and international markets with our range of materials. That fact is evidenced by the presence of our company in four continents and all the provinces of our country.


Since 2002 we have developed the best solutions to protect the merchandise, it let us guarantee the best quality standards.


Our company uses cutting edge and innovative technology in our production lines, in order to obtain a high quality product that adapts to our customer’s needs.


Embalpack Levante respects de environment. It uses recyclable raw materials, thus our edgeboard corners are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Take some advice by a young team who offers you the best services and price, difficult to match by the competitors of our sector.

Our products

All our products, white edgeboard corner, coated white edgeboard corner, kraft/brown edgeboard corner and flexible-wrap around edgeboard are manufactured by stratified carton, 100 % recyclable and biodegradable of high resistance.

They are available in several measurements and different shapes: circular, square or rectangular. In addition, they can be anonymous or customized, in kraft, or in customized colours and asymmetric wings. With several widths of wing (from 33 to 80 mm) and different thicknesses (from 2 to 6 mm).

We provide edgeboard corners to be used in spaces where the storage is kept with a high grade of humidity.

White Edgeboard

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Coated White Edgeboard

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Kraft Edgeboard

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Flexible Wrap-around Edgeboard

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Customized Edgeboard

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Frequent questions

We have the capacity of manufacturing a wide range of references combining different widths, thicknesses, length and type of paper. Please, contact our sales department, they help you and suggest what kind of edgeboard corner is the best option for you according to the product you need to protect.

Indeed, unlike other kind of edgeboard corners manufactured of substitutes and other materials not recyclable, our products are manufactured only and exclusively of recycled paper.

It is not necessary. The edgeboard corners are not in direct contact with food so they are exempt from that. Also, we have a document of the Ministry of Health to that effect.

Generally, the minimum amount is one pallet. However, we know that occasionally the needs of our customers are less. In this way, we are opened to study each circumstance in particular to give service to each client and necessity.

Yes, in an increasingly competitive market, the product packaging is essential. Our company is aware of that, thus we use state-of-the-art technology that allow us to manufacture printed edgeboards combing until two colours.

We work for a large variety of fields and industries: agriculture, food, metallurgy, glassware, furniture...


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